Build a Landing Page Website

The 3rd step in starting your online business with almost no money is to build a landing page website.

The niche we selected was asphalt paving, so what would a website look like?  The best advice I can give is to type in the city and the niche to see what competitors in the area are doing.

We chose Albany, so my search would be “asphalt paving albany ny”.  That term would pull up numerous Albany-based paving contractors whose websites you could browse.

Click on each of the Google Ads at the top of the page and go to the business website to see what each paving company includes.  Most likely, they’ll have their company name, address, phone number, a brief description of the type of work they do, whether it’s commercial or residential paving.

Try to get a general idea of how they present their businesses, what information they provide, and the web address they use for their domain name.  All of the information is crucial to creating your own landing page because it adds to the relevance of the search (explained later).

The first step is to choose a domain name that tells your customers who you are and what you do.  Long term businesses typically use a brand name because it’s their company and they’re building local awareness.  Since you don’t have that kind of time and you want results fast, you’ll be better off choosing a name that’s describes your service.  As an asphalt paving service in Albany, is perfect landing page website name because it tells potential customers the type of work you do.  The address gives your location in New York, and it states that you do paving in the local area.  If you’re able to show up among the other paving contractors, your business will fit right in.

The domain name can be purchased from any number of providers, from GoDaddy to  Personally, I recommend Name Silo because they’re cheap, easy-to-use, and they update fast. Order your website name and then continue below.  It won’t cost more than $10 for a year.

Once you’ve ordered your domain name, we have to host it.  Use a website like Wix or Weebly to do so because they have simple drag and drop website builders that will let you build a landing page website fast.  Weebly is my personal recommendation here because their “connect” paid-plan is around $50.  Call technical support and they’ll help you connect your domain name to the website you’re about to build.

Next, select a website template to start from. If “blank” is an option, use it.  However, it doesn’t really matter that much what you pick because you’re going to change it all anyways.

The key elements of a good landing page are:

  1. Business Name
  2. Phone
  3. Address
  4. What you do
  5. Call-to-Action

So, your business name should be generic.  Let’s call you Albany Paving Services.  Make sure it’s not an actual area business before you name it that though.  A simple LLC search in the local area can tell you whether anyone has that name.

For the phone number, there are some options.  If you’re already out of money ($60 spent so far), then use a Google Voice.  It’s free, it’s local, and you can have calls forwarded to your cell phone.  If you still have a few dollars, get a call tracking system, like Call Rail.  You can pay for their monthly plan ($30/month) and it will not only forward calls wherever you want them to go, but it’ll record them as well.  That will be useful in the future, so you’re not writing down customer information for years.

Ideally, you want to remove yourself from the process as much as possible so you have both time and money, not just one or the other.

For now, let’s stick with Google Voice.  Get a free local phone number using your gmail account to sign up. Enter the phone number on the page and make it clickable.  If you don’t know how to do that, search “clickable website phone number weebly” in Google.

Address is tricky because you probably don’t want to use your home address, so just put “city, state”.  So in this case, “Albany, NY”.

Next, write a quick description of what you do.  You can paraphrase what a few other companies have said in the area, but do make sure all the different variations of your keywords for that niche are in there, such as paving, paving contractor, paving service, paving company, and so on.

Don’t write like a robot.  Just write a paragraph or two and try to work the keywords into customer-focused sentences.  Remember, you can always look at other businesses descriptions for ideas.

Lastly, put a call-to-action.  For example:

Call Albany Paving Services now for a free quote at (###) ###-####!

If you need inspiration for the complete look of a landing page, here’s one to check out:


paving company landing page

Although very basic, it will make the search engine happy because it has all the key elements, and customers will call the phone number if you do the ads correctly, which we’ll discuss in the next article.




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