Call a Business and Refer Customers

Here comes the fun part after starting your online business with almost no money.  You get to call a business and refer customers.  I should change that a little.  You’ll likely have to call a bunch of businesses, but it’ll be relatively easy because you’re not really selling them on anything. Instead, you’re offering something free!

The only resistance you’ll likely have to put up with is skepticism that it’s legit, which is why we’re giving them a referral as proof.  Once you do it a few times, they’ll be happy to hear you out as you actually sell them on what you can do for them in terms of lead generation.

First thing to do is a quick google search.  Type in your keyword + city and search for a business on page 2 or further back.  Businesses who are running ads who are not on page 1 are good too.  Why?  Because the businesses on page 1 think they have enough business already, and who knows, they may.  You don’t want to give referrals to the company who’s got customers scheduled two months out because they don’t need you.  You lose your leverage.

The company you need is the one who’s looking to grow.  They’re not on page 1, but they want to be there.  That’s your sweet spot.  And, you may have to call a few companies to find people who have a good reputation and also want to grow.  Some people are crappy business owners or they’re happy with their current size.  Neither are good for you.

When your first customer call comes in from your ads, answer the phone as the pretend company you made, take down the customer’s information, and say you’ll have one of you guys give them a call back in 15 minutes.  Then, hop on the phone and provide that information to the company on page 2 that you’ve selected.

Your phone call is simple.  “Hi, do you serve this city?”  “Great, I have a referral for you.”

When the company contact asks where you got the information, you can say that you build websites and they found you online. You can either go with honesty and say that you’re a marketer and you doing some lead generation so you’re happy to give them this free lead.  Or, you can say that your business doesn’t have the capacity for this lead at the moment.

Personally, I like the honesty approach because it’s easier to keep your story straight (since it’s true).

Most business owners are happy to receive a free customer lead and excited that you found them in the first place.  And once they call the customer and see that the lead is in deed a real person and the request was legit, your credibility gets a huge boost.

Now, when you call back a second time with another lead, the company contact feels like they owe you and will be much more gracious.  They also may ask how you’re doing this or if you can keep doing it for them.

Bingo.  That’s when you have the conversation to either run Google Ads for them or build them a website and do SEO.  The great thing is that all you really need to do is have the conversation.  Your guys can handle.

What guys am I talking about?

The people you outsource this client to after you pick them up.

Imagine this example:

You charge the client $1,000 a month for Google ads + ad spend.  You then outsource the ads to a consultant you found online at $200/month.  You’re now making $800 a month doing nothing.  Welcome to true residual income.  All you do now is monitor the consultant and check in with your company once in a while.

See. Wasn’t it easy to call a business and refer customers?

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