How to Start an Internet Business with Almost No Money

Let’s be honest, the Internet is where it’s at business-wise.  There is no other medium where you can sit on your ass in your boxers in the middle of the day and make money by clicking around on the computer and making occasional friendly phone calls.  If you know of a way, do tell, for all of us.  Assuming that there isn’t though, here’s how to start an Internet business with almost no money.

I promise the investment is minimal, but the business plan is genius.  Feel free to use it.  I have, and it’s allowed me to replace a $103,000 job in human resources that I used to have to travel to Manhattan to do.  No longer.  Now I sit in front of my computer at home instead.  I’m not sure what feels better – knowing I don’t have to report to a boss ever again, or knowing that I don’t have to take the crammed, delay-ridden subway anywhere unless I want to.  So, let’s jump in.

First, let’s summarize what you’re going to do.  Then, you can see if you even like the idea at all.

Here are the steps for how to start an internet business with almost no money:

  1. Identify potential niches
  2. Research and choose your ideal niche
  3. Build a one-page website to generate customer leads
  4. Use Google AdWords to Generate Customer Leads
  5. Call an actual business and give them the referrals that come in
  6. Structure a deal with the business where they pay you to do it some more

Does that sound relatively simple?  It’s allowed me to generate enough money to say goodbye to my six figure job in Manhattan that was sucking the life out of me.  If you like the idea so far, keep on reading.  I’m going to type this out like the Twilight saga, in a series.

Each step will have an article dedicated to it.  Keep an eye on the blog for the next step.

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