Use Google AdWords to Generate Leads

The next step for how to start a business with almost no money is to use Google AdWords to generate leads.  This is slightly time consuming, but it’s worth it.  I promise you that.

First things first though, we’re going to make sure you don’t have to pay much for the Google Ads.

Hop on and look for “google adwords coupons”.  If you type in that search, there will be a ton of sellers you can get one from.  For $5, they’ll give you a coupon that’s good for $100 of free Google Ads.  You’re going to use that free money to generate customers for whatever niche you chose.  You’ll then answer the calls as they come in, jot down the info, and pass it off to a real business. Welcome to the world of lead generation.

With your coupon handy, you now spent a total of $65 on your business.  Not too shabby.

Create you Google AdWords account and choose the custom option for AdWords.  DO NOT use AdWords express.  That is the easiest way to lose the little money you have in a flash.  Why?  Because it targets every possible keyword known to man, many of which are not related.  We’ll get into that in a second.

With your custom campaign, your going to build one ad for each keyword you want to target. So for our niche of paving, we’re going to build around 10 ads.

Each ad has a two row title, a description, and a bunch of extras that you can add on, such as phone number.  Basically, all the same information from the website.  We’ll be using all of it.

Just like when you were researching landing pages, you can look at what other competitors have up in order to see what to do.

Here’s an example:

Albany Paving Services
Top-Rated New York’s Asphalt Repair
Call (###) ###-####for a Free Estimate

Each ad should use the target keyword in the title (first line).

Another example:

Albany’s Premier Paving Contractors
Fix the Holes in Your Driveway Now
Call (###) ###-####for a Free Quote

Next, we tack on all the additional information.  YouTube how to use Google AdWords if you need help with it because I don’t have time to add it here at the moment.  But, add phone number and city/state to the ad.

Now, comes the most crucial part – keywords.

Keywords have different types:

Match Type Symbols Matches To Example Keyword Matches To
Broad example misspellings, synonyms, related searches, variations car service auto rental
Broad Match Modifier +example searches related to words after the + +car +service vehicle shop
Phrase “example” searches that include the phrase in quotes “car service” local car service
Exact [example] only searches that are exactly this [car service] car service

Again, look up on YouTube how to do it, but we’re going to add everything but broad match for each keyword.

So it would look like this:


example keyword adwords setup

Notice that each keyword uses all of the types except for “broad.”

Select a radius of 20 miles from the target city and publish the ad.

The ad will be reviewed before they let it go live.  Add you credit card to the file and set a budget limit of $100.

Once the first hundred is spent, your free $100 from the coupon will kick in.

However, because of our awesome ad setup, you’ll be getting a good amount of leads without spending as much money as any other local businesses attempting to use Google AdWords to generate leads.

In the next article, we’ll discuss what to do when customers start calling in.

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